New App Lets You Control Kyma Systems With An iPad

Harmony Systems has introduced vKiP (App Store link) – an iPad app designed to let you control Symbolic Sound’s Kyma X Paca or Pacarana sound design systems using your iPad.

vKiP’s controls are optimized in size and layout for the iPad Multi-Touch screen. Adjust faders and rotaries, browse and load in Kyma sound snapshots. vKiP adjusts for either portrait or landscape orientation, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred usage mode.

vKiP Features:

  • Manipulate and set Kyma sound parameters through faders and rotaries optimized for touch-screen control
  • Control eight faders and eight rotaries at a time
  • Full VCS bank support
  • Swap fader and rotary controls
  • Control parameters with normal or fine adjustment mode
  • Browse or load-in Kyma sound snapshots
  • Adjust Kyma’s master volume or mute all sound
  • View current parameter values using Selector buttons
  • Supports systems with one or multiple Paca(rana)s


  • iPad
  • Symbolic Sound Kyma x.75 with Paca or Pacarana sound design engine running latest firmware
  • WiFi access to same network Paca(rana) is connected

vKiP retails for $39.99.

This is a niche product, so if you’re a Kyma user and you give it a try, leave a comment with your thoughts on it for others!

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