Android Musicians Get Free monome Emulator, Androidome

Free Music Software: Android users have a new music tool to check out – Androidome, a freeAndroid-based emulator for the monome music making device.

Androidome is a portmanteau of Android + monome, android being the popular operating system for mobile phones, and the monome being a minimalist instrument/controller/interface/toy. Like the monome, the app itself doesn’t actually do a whole lot out of the box, it simply provides an interface for sending and receiving data to and from your computer.

If you’re an Android owner, check it out and let us know what you think of it!


  • Connects to Max/MSP over WLAN.
  • Responds to incoming led messages.
  • Provides multitouch input from phone to Max/MSP.
  • Works with mlrV, polygome, boiingg, (hopefully many more too).

Androidome is available now as a free download.

via rekkerd

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