Would You Pay $30,000 For This Moog System 55 Modular Synthesizer?

Got an extra $30K lying around?

Then you might be able to afford this Moog System 55, which is listed for $30,000 on eBay.

The unit contains the following modules:

  • 902 – VCA (2 inputs, 2 outputs, 3 CV inputs)  x 5
  • 904A – low-pass VCF (24 db-per-octave, considered the classic Moog filter)
  • 904B – high-pass VCF
  • 911 – ADSR envelope generator (adjustable from 2 ms to 10 sec.) x 5
  • 911A – dual trigger delay
  • 914 – fixed filter bank (12-band, 125 Hz to 5 kHz, with high-pass and low-pass knobs)
  • 921 – VCO (1.01 Hz to 40 kHz)
  • 921A – VCO driver (1 volt per octave)
  • 921B – VCO (more stable than 901B)
  • 923 – noise, high-pass and low-pass filter
  • 992 – control voltages (illuminated red or blue switches linked to the 904A)
  • 994 – jack multiples (duplicates voltages)
  • 995 attenuators
  • CP2 – CV and trigger outputs, and filters
  • CP3A – mixer (illuminated switches linked to the VCOs) x 3
  • CP8A – power switch (Moog 35 and Moog 55)

It’s too pricey for my taste- I wouldn’t go over $29K.

Let me know what you think a vintage Moog System 55 modular synthesizer like this is worth!

13 thoughts on “Would You Pay $30,000 For This Moog System 55 Modular Synthesizer?

  1. this been on and off ebay for the last year i agree its alittle too pricey even considering how rare it is if i could have come up with 20,000 i would have made an offer wait i came up with that i would just bought a buchla 😛

  2. It's overpriced… but to the right person, it might be worth it… Things like this are less about practicality and more about nostalgia… Historical significance, childhood dreams, etc…

    Same reason why people buy lambos and never race them… If he would lower it to about 15k, I'd probably take it.

  3. Considering the number of modules in that thing (have you counted the oscillators?), and the exceptional condition everything is in… yes. This is synth history. And it's just soooo pretty!

  4. Not long ago there was an auction on ebay.de for a Moog system with almost twice the modules this one has for just a little more money and I thought that was too expensive. But this is just crazy. I would not dare to use a synth I paid this much money for (excluding any maintenance costs).

  5. I had a chance to buy a small moog setup … 5 modules/case for $1800 … I should have grabbed … and then just filled out a 2nd case from synthesizers.com.

    Ending up going custom (assortment of open source builds) for mine … ended up around $1200 for 18 modules (7 VCO's).

    It would be fun to see him auction the Moog … I'd go $15K … but I'd expect to see someone pick it up for $22K ish …

  6. there are companies like club of the knobs (cotk) and mos lab that make dead on moog modular clones. this can be built in clones for $5,000 and thats what I think its worth. on a vintage unit a few modules are gonna have transistors and caps that dry up and/or leak. its the same problem buying vintage germanium fuzz pedals.

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