“BumChum” Puts More Thump In Your Rump

OT: Ever find yourself at a gig with just not enough thump in the rump?

The BumChum is a new silent drum monitoring system that, according to the developer, “lets you experience sound….like you’ve never felt it before!”

The BumChum is an “Amplified Tactile Generator Monitor System” which turns the bass drum – or any other signal – into a physical thump up through the drum stool.

This thump is registered through bone conduction.

The BumChum consists two parts: a drum throne top containing a Tactile Generator, and a flight-cased Engine containing all of the electronics.


  • The BumChum Engine offers full control of power and intensity.
  • It is also very sensitive, so it will faithfully replicate playing dynamics.
  • It will respond to long notes (beater off) as well as short notes (beater on), depending on drum dampening, tuning, and playing style.
  • According to the developers, the BumChum is fantastic for playing MIDI drum kits, delivering real power and no volume for practicing.

The BumChum retails for £1199.

5 thoughts on ““BumChum” Puts More Thump In Your Rump

  1. Nooooooo…… read the website… It's INSIDE the stool, needs 150W to drive it as opposed to 1200W to drive a Buttkicker, but is more responsive and effective. Does a radical advancement mean a rip off? Is a Ferrari a rip off of a Ford Model T?

  2. I had a go on it at the Drum Show in London…..It really is good. Far more power than you need, very small and neat and is totally silent.
    Makes you feel like you have the entire PA behind you.
    I'm buying one …and my sound man is going halves on it, as it makes his gig much easier.

  3. Got one, used it on a show for the first time last night. Outstanding feel out of my bass drum. Zero noise on stage.
    Soundman a very happy bunny.
    Our vocalist/ guitarist said it was lots easier to hear his wedge.
    10/10 all round for bumchum

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