What Is Deadmau5 New Hardware Project, ‘Insertbawks’?

Deadmau5 has announced, via his Facebook page, that he’s working on a hardware design:

so im about to enter the world of making hardware…

first thing on the menu, the “insertbawks” 🙂 …

just finished the panel layout… will be a 2U rackmounted deal, will keep you guys updated on this once we get a prototype goin 🙂

No details yet on what this is going to be – so let me know what you think he’s working on in the comments!

via gearjunkies

9 thoughts on “What Is Deadmau5 New Hardware Project, ‘Insertbawks’?

  1. Probably another one of his crazy ideas. We've all seen his modular setup and whatnot, I'm sure. I'll be glad to see what comes from this.

    It's awesome that he is venturing into this world and still being a successful musician. Even if you don't like his music you've gotta give him props for educating himself.

  2. Pretty obvious.
    It's going to be a box that you patch your outboard gear to with software that will allow you to insert that piece of hardware onto a channel strip in your DAW. Hence the name insertbawks

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