Free Retro-Style Synth Plugin For Windows

Free Windows Music Software: Angular Momentum has released Retronix, a free retro-style software synth plugin for Windows.

The synth features 2 x 5 oscillators and one of them offers a wavetable mode with 135 waves.

The filter has overdrive, key tracking, an ADSR envelope and an extra High Pass filter to filter out unwanted low frequencies.

If you give Retronix a try, leave a comment with your thoughts!

via rekkerd

2 thoughts on “Free Retro-Style Synth Plugin For Windows

  1. A very nice plugin with interesting sounds, but unfortunately its a little buggy with regards to midi control.

    The presets are pretty neat. Some of them produce very good instant sound which gives you some interesting bass effects, full pads and some genre specific sounds. I don't do much with trance myself, but I really like some of the sounds in several songs ("Fade to grey", from iirc Visage has some interesting tunes IMO). And so I picked up "TranceDrive" several months ago which can produce a lot of those classic trance sounds.

    Well, this one manages to cope with those just as fine; while it isn't even specifically aimed at such sounds. IMO impressive.

    There is one problem; midi control. Because it has some nice pads I'm immediately trying to generate some extra effects by building up chords and such. And here is where things go wrong.. Strike a root key, sound plays. Hit another key in the chord and release it; sound is added and removed. But if you build up a full chord like this and then release 2 keys the root note will also abruptly stop playing.

    I could reproduce this behavior every time; it often cuts of notes being played when you're working with chords. Which is obviously not a good thing if you're trying to use this as an instrument. You could raise the release, but then you might end up with notes which won't quit when you need 'm to.

    I haven't tried it with my sequencer yet, perhaps that can make a difference.

    So; interesting vst, good sounds, nice sound diversity as well but unfortunately has a big with regards to midi handling.

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