M-Audio Intros Oxygen 88 Graded Hammer-Action USB MIDI Controller

M-Audio has introduced the new Oxygen 88 Controller – an 88-key graded hammer-action keyboard designed to provide “great feel and tons of control.”

Here’s what M-Audio has to say about the Oxygen 88:

The M-Audio Oxygen 88 USB MIDI controller delivers an expressive playing experience that’s designed to satisfy players who need the feel of a piano combined with the power of a modern MIDI controller. The 88-note, graded hammer-action keybed offers an impressive feel and response—while 32 assignable buttons, knobs, and faders provide complete control over your music software. DirectLink mode automatically maps these onboard controls to common DAW functions* including transport, mixer, track pan, and plug-in parameters. Built-in presets offer support for popular virtual instruments right out of the box—no complicated setup required. Featuring an unparalleled combination of great feel, total control, and ease of use, Oxygen 88 is the perfect choice for both studio and stage.

The M-Audio Oxygen 88 has a MSRP of $749.95.

15 thoughts on “M-Audio Intros Oxygen 88 Graded Hammer-Action USB MIDI Controller

  1. Perhaps their pricier controllers are better quality, but I’ve heard mostly negative things about M-Audio’s controllers. My KeyRig 49 has super-spongy action, and the middle octave’s keys are kinda wonky (they don’t look level). Edirol seemed to make better gear, but they’re not as widely available as they used to be.

  2. The lower price range M-Audio controllers are pretty wonky and flimsy. I've gone through a few – they don't hold up long, esp. if used frequently on stage.

    This thing had better be pretty freaking solid and badass if they are going to charge 750 bucks for it.

  3. looks good. wonder if it'll be able to contend with the build quality and feel of my studiologic vmk 176+

    i love the studiologic except for one thing… fucking aftertouch on it sucks

  4. There's certainly something to be said for those hammer action masterkeyboards with a lot of additional controls, but I like my main keyboard as plain as possible so I can stack other stuff on top like synthesizers, controls, or a computer keyboard. In that respect (and regarding price vs. features) the offerings by Fatar, CME, and Doepfer (might be missing some manufacturers here!) are superior. Good thing though that there seems to be a big market for this kind of instrument. The more choice the better (especially regarding the feel of keyboards, some people like it hard like a piano, others soft and wobbly like an organ).

  5. +1.
    I just hope that M-Audio will produce a "simple" 88 key version of this with the top panel completely flat and free of knobs. But with a real weighted keyboard, not semi-weighted "toys".

  6. just wait for them to update the keystation it will prob happen. u notice on their site the 88 one with the screen and knobs is now pretty much oxygen they will do it

  7. Well..I actually bought one recently and already have issues with it.
    It’s supposed to use direct link to daws but only the big bags like protools
    cubase etc..I don’t use those since they’re expensive and overcomplicated.
    Not supported is Reaper whitch I DO USE so for controll MY daw it’s pretty
    much useless,One can use on board VSTi presets but very limited list.
    Spectrasonics instruments with zillions of users is not amongst them.
    One can however midilearn every knob slider and button through a midi
    cable connected to soundcard and into puter without the presets.
    The keybed itself is truly good and has indeed the great feel as advertised,that’s why I bought it..for the keys and the feel.
    Controllerwise there’s nothing a Korg nano kontrol could’nt do for just
    a fraction of the price.
    I also sincerely hope the board will keep on working without fail or
    breakdown,as others here said before M-Audio products are of lousy
    quality with many disappointed users,and terrible driver issues for years,visit M-Audio forums and see the misery for yourself.
    Just my 2 cents…

  8. I bought a key station 88 and it turned out to be one of the biggest hunks of brittle junk I've ever owned. It started out fine but didn't last long. On key after another died. The oxygen had better be a whole new thing because I dont trust their quality.

  9. I too had a Keystation 88 and it had a defect, some black keys suddenly played louder then the white ones. A total desaster.

  10. I just got an Oxygen 61 to use for "Studio B" and to try out the controls with my DAW's before I commit to the 88. I have a 13+ year old Fatar StudioLogic 88 that is on it's last leg. So, as far as the controller stuff (direct link, I guess they call it)…on my windows 7 lappie it works with Pro Tools and Reason/Record (though the former is better) and with Cubase 5.5. On my iMac in the main studio (there the 88 would live) it works with Logic 9, Pro Tools, Reason/Record, and Cubase 5.5, but NOT work the Cubase 6 demo (in either 32 or 64 bit more). It even works with Logic in 64-bit mode, as long as you launch 32-bit first to set it up. It DOESN'T work with Reaper as noted earlier, which is a drag.
    I was happy with how well the DAW transport controls work, and having the faders is nice and convenient.

    Now, can someone verify that the Oxygen 88 does or doesn't have aftertouch please? (I'm guessing NOT, for that price) ?

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