5,000 Loop Sound Library Now Available Directly in Soundation Studio

PowerFX has released a 5,000 commercial loop sound library for their web-based music making application Soundation Studio.

Under the heading, “Premium”, users can search and audition all the sounds in the library right from the application and once purchased, drag n drop any of the loops directly into Soundation Studio. The loops have been picked from PowerFX sound libraries and include a diverse selection of sounds.

“Having a sound library and studio available directly in your browser is an amazing development and a great tool for anyone who ever wanted to try and make digital music”, says Bil Bryant, CEO of PowerFX.

“Premium is an excellent addition to all the free content available in Soundation Studio, which includes over 500 loops and 4 virtual instruments and 11 real time effects”.

There is a Match tempo search where the system will automatically search for loops in the BPM of the current track, as well as, search for a specific key.

The Premium license is available for $99 a year or $9.99 a month. You can opt out at anytime.

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