Free Ambient LP Inspired By Electronic Music Pioneer Raymond Scott

Net label Luv Sound has released a free ambient LP, inspired by electronic music pioneer Raymond Scott, Soothing Sounds For Baby – A Luv Sound Sampler For Marc Weidenbaum.

Marc Weidenbaum is the man behind the ambient music blog Disquiet and he recently became a father. Luv Sound thought that this was a good excuse for making an album, so they created a collection of ambient music for babies, inspired in part by Raymond Scott’s seminal three-album collection of electronic music, Soothing Sounds For Baby.

Here are Weidenbaum’s comments about the free LP:

Three weeks ago today, my soundworld changed forever. There was a lot of electronic beeping and human panting for many hours, and a not small amount of institutional chatter and directives, and then suddenly silence, into which arrived this incredible scream, a scream of life. This was late in the evening of August 31, 2010, when my wife gave birth to our daughter, who turns a momentous three weeks old this evening.

A group of electronic musicians has put together an incredible (and free to download) compilation of music intended as appropriate for the mix of quietude and gurgling playfulness that one might associate with a baby’s first experiences of life. The project’s production unfolded entirely unbeknownst to me, until the day before its release, when Erik Schoster, who makes music as He Can Jog, wrote to inform me of what he and his musician buddies had been up to.

You can preview and download the LP at

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