New Krautrock Phaser Recreates Classic Kraftwerk Effect

Mode Machines has introduced the KRP-1 Krautrock Phaser, a phaser effect that uses a unique analog circuit design, based on the famous phaser used in the 1970s “Gerd Schulte Audio Technik Berlin – Compact Phasing A Number 1”.

The Krautrock Phaser is handmade in Franconia, Germany and features all discrete circuitry. The phasing amplitude is created by two lamps and 8 photo-couplers to generate a unique phasing effect.

According to Mode Machines, “You will get an idea of the impressive sound if you listen to Kraftwerk´s Autobahn. (You know – that one part. -ed)

The Krautrock phaser can be used as a guitar pedal or as a studio synthesizer processing tool. There is an input for CV pedals to control the amplitude. There is one mono 1/4″ input and two stereo 1/4″ outputs.

Famous users of the original unit include: Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Tommy Bolin.


  • Modulation
  • Feedback
  • OSC-Period and Phasing/ Amplitude

The Krautrock Phaser should be available in November for $589 from Big City Music.

9 thoughts on “New Krautrock Phaser Recreates Classic Kraftwerk Effect

  1. Man, that better be one heck of a phaser for almost 800 bucks.
    It looks nice, but still what could it possibly do that isn't available in other stompboxes?

  2. well, its retail 589 bucks and its hand made in Germany, not China 😉
    And: its the only phaser worldwide using opto-couplers and it takes over 8 hours to build per unit
    so the price is actually pretty reasonable, if you think about it!

  3. i think it’s worth the price.the word “analog” is used far to liberally these days.the real deal should cost extra.your paying for quality.if i could afford a CMS modular,i would in a second,because they use discrete circuitry.

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