The Moog Melodia Theremin

Frank O’Brien and Kip Rosser discuss and demo a Moog Melodia theremin, built by Frank’s dad in the early 1960’s.

The Melodia is a Moog Theremin that was originally made available in both kit form ($29) and assembled ($75). It could be assembled with a few hand tools and featured a walnut cabinet .

The Moog Melodia theremin has a five-octave range, extending from two octaves below to three octaves above Middle C. Build it, plug it into an audio amplifier, and enjoy the creative challenge of the Theremin.

via dnteuxurois, moogarchives

3 thoughts on “The Moog Melodia Theremin

  1. You can find build instructions and schematics for the melodia here – – the article is 29 years old so you'll need to find modern equivalents for components. If you do build one please please please document your work and share it – I would *love* to have a melodia but my electronic skills are almost zero.

    gordonc at theremin dot org dot uk

  2. Enjoyed the video. I have the exact theremin, but have not been able to try it out yet. I do not know what kind of battery to put in there. I saw the schematic from the link above. It seems to say a 6 volt eveready 724 or equivalent. Not sure where to find that battery. Local battery store looked into it and didn’t seem to know either. Do you know where to get one? Reply here, if possible.

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