Free App Turns Your iPad Into A MIDI Step Sequencer

iPad Music Software: Little MIDI Machine (App Store link) is free app that turns an iPad into an MIDI step sequencer app.

The app requires the hardware Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer interface in order to connect to hardware MIDI synths.

Specs and demo video below.

If you’ve used Little MIDI Machine, leave a comment with your impressions!


Little MIDI Machine gives you the step sequencing power of a hardware analog sequencer on your iPad.

Program two independent sequencers that send note and velocity MIDI data out on two MIDI channels to control your hardware synthesizers. Little MIDI Machine includes many favorite hardware sequencer features ,such as mute and un-mute notes, skip steps, reverse the sequencer, adjustable clock speed, etc.

If you do not have a Line 6 Mobilizer, Little MM can generate very basic melodic sounds in place of sending MIDI. This will let you play around with the app and try it out, but it is not a feature that will be developed further and is not the primary purpose of the app. LittleMM is intended to be a MIDI step sequencer for driving external hardware.

One thought on “Free App Turns Your iPad Into A MIDI Step Sequencer

  1. I downloaded this and I'm impressed enough to be thinking about getting the MIDI Mobilizer. Step sequencing heaven!


    Visual pitch feedback – as you move the slider, display the pitch.

    Ability to transpose all sequences together.

    Support for randomization – like playing a sequence in a random order.

    More channels

    Another parameter for each step of the sequence, so you could do pitch, velocity and something like filter cutoff.

    Maybe this could be the "Big MIDI Machine?"

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