Scotsman Hates Jean Michel Jarre (Gig Review)

Looks like Glasgow’s Scotsman likes Jean Michel Jarre about as much as Minneapolis likes Kraftwerk – not very much.

Glascow Scotsman reviewer Malcom Jack had this to say about Jarre’s Oct 3rd Braehead Arena gig:

The fanfare-like strains of Rendez-Vous had the crowd on their feet, but it was a rare moment of euphoria in a show strangely lacking atmosphere, despite the endearingly energetic efforts of an eccentric tartan trews-sporting Jarre.

His once-futuristic sounds have undoubtedly dated.

Some of his speedy, rudimentary synth-pop numbers still felt vaguely relevant, yet all of his glacially slow 1980s ambient tunes – performed on that iconic instrument of the age, the keytar – were astonishingly dull.

Jarre’s an icon at Synthtopia – but his 2010 tour isn’t coming to the US and we haven’t had a chance to see his current show, as a result.

If you’ve made it to one of the shows on Jarre’s 2010 tour, let us know what you thought of it!

17 thoughts on “Scotsman Hates Jean Michel Jarre (Gig Review)

  1. I can only strongly disagree, I was at the Nice show and it was absolutly fantastic, Jarre playing this 2010 indoor shows with the old team, and the old gear, and it was just perfect. To me the slow tunes were even more nice, and the sound was huge !

    That is a far better concert as any of the bug ones he did in the past, with a small venue and real live music played by 4 musicians on real live analog synths.

    Plus that was by far the biggest museum of old working synths you would ever see on stage ! (moogs, cs80, thermin …etc)

  2. I am beyond sick of "Oxygene," but so is Jarre, I suspect. His much more engaging, matured albums "Teo & Tea" and "Aerology" still didn't touch the demand for his earliest pieces. It might be a quiet frustration for him to be as trapped as bands who keep getting calls for "Freebird!!!" Fans just refused to ante up for "Zoolook" and its more creative brothers to the same degree. I got to be a local temp-roady at his Houston show hauling synth cases back & forth and meeting the band was a great experience. I do like his music, esp. when its lively. I just think he is 'stuck' in a manner peculiar to those who set such a high standard at the beginning of a trend. Besides, he's still touring and we're just *commenting* on it, eh?

  3. Jarre may visit the US in 2011 as the tour has already been extended into next year, but that is ENTIRELY up to American promotors who have to realize the potential. Artists are INVITED by promotors, they are NOT organizing concerts themselves.

  4. Some of the music may sound dates because it was written over 30 years ago…You don't go to an aerosmith concert and complain that dream on sounds dated do you? You need to play a great mix from your career. Seriously wtf.

  5. At the O2 gig in Dublin and I think it was amazing. Whats all this comparison about its a great show on it own and trilling experience, enjoy it as a beautiful way to spend a coupe of hours!

  6. I'm a Scot and I don't like JMJ's keytar outings much either.
    I didn't go to this gig because I'd heard the venue wasn't very good and – in any case – the bus journey back into town later at night is… tortuous.
    Still, what exactly is the point of a gig review? Maybe to talk up an otherwise unknown artist, for sure this is worthwhile. But to damn a hugely popular artist with faint praise and mild censure is just… pointless. Those locals who love his stuff were either there, wished they were there or were – like me – doing something else. That's the alpha and omega of it, right?

  7. I have been to the Birmingham concert , the gig i found a bit strange really enjoyable big numbers at start and finish with a bit of a let down in the middle.He used the backdrop to flash black and white images when he did his solo piece with the old keyboards and he ooked like a mad professor at work!!! All in all though a good gig , plenty of empty seats though , recession biting in….

  8. I agree, it's dated, and aside from one or two energetic hits, very boring show. I was at 02 last night in London, and left before the encore – wasn;t staying a minute longer for that

  9. Hi guys, GJ here. Was at the O2 last night,wot a fab show,Jarre worked his socks off . to make this a never to be repeated one off 10/10/10 show. The sound was incredible ! this well topped the glasgow show last year !! I think he was wearing Irish tartan, who cares he has an incredible talent .

  10. I went to the MEN Manchester on Saturday and was impressed with the gig. Allways been a big Jarre fan from about 1983 and the Docklands concert was great.
    Theres only so much you can do with effects indoors and Jarre did a good job IMO.
    Yes the music seems dated but that part fo the point of it all as hes playing music composed years back and played on vintage synths!

  11. Bad move,anyway, give the the online live broadcast a listen on the JMJ web site, there was some great stuff not always appreciated until a second listen.

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