Raymond Scott Documentary, Deconstructing Dad, Available On New DVD

Stan Warnow, director of the new Raymond Scott documentary film, Deconstructing Dad, has announced that a new DVD of the film is now available.

There are a substantial number of extra sequences on the disc:

  • 2 bonus scenes featuring Mark Mothersbaugh, movie soundtrack composer and DEVO co-founder
  • Turntablist/producer/author DJ Spooky, aka Paul D. Miller
  • An exploration of the mysterious 1959 album THE UNEXPECTED by Raymond Scott & The Secret Seven, the all-star jazz legends supergroup whose identities remained confidential for decades
  • Tom Rhea, Ph.D (Berklee College of Music) explaining in great detail about Scott’s early keyboard synthesizer, the Clavivox
  • Moog synthesizer co-inventor, Herb Deutsch, who extends his recollections of Raymond Scott first telling him about the Electronium

Raymond Scott is probably best known for the tightly arranged swing band works from early in his career, which were reused in Looney Tunes cartoons after Scott sold his music publishing to Warner Brothers.

Later in his career, though, Scott helped pioneer commercial electronic music, developing his own electronic music instruments and using them to create music for advertisements and television shows.

Order from Kunaki DVD: here — the price is $24.95. and the DVD is Region-Free NTSC Video.

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