Spectactular Retro DIY Keyboard

Saturday Synth Porn: DIY synth projects don’t get much more spectacular than this retro-styled (steampunk?) keyboard, via Synth-Project.

Doepfer DIY SynthOne Features:

  • 2 Doepfer DIY Synth´s ….. each one with VCO (Saw & Rec), VCF, VCA, LFO and ADSR.
  • ixed wired or to use with patch field
  • 3 Octave Keyboard and Joystick

See the Synth-Project for full-size photos.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

4 thoughts on “Spectactular Retro DIY Keyboard

  1. This looks magnificent. Perhaps not 100% retro perfect, but certainly very close. Too bad it's just the relatively boring Doepfer DIY synths inside. Could have been an awesome synth, too, not just an awesome case.

  2. Whoa!!! Damn this is hot! I almost got a slight hard on!!!

    What if you put 4 of them synths in that cabin, and control them with joystick? Presto! There would be instant classic synth, massive erection and me getting together whatever sum of money it would cost!

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