Build Your Own Drum Controller With Drum Kit Kit AI

Drum Kit Kit AI is a drum machine brain for building a DIY drum controller.

It features an on-board Ardunio, MIDI out, and an FTDI connection out to your computer. For those of you who don’t know what an FTDI connection is, just think of it as a connection for a ‘Special USB Cable’ that connects the device to your Mac/Windows PC/Linux computer in the same way you would connect a printer.

Here’s a demo of a DIY drum controller built around the Drum Kit Kit AI:


  • On board ATmega (frees up your Arduino for other projects).
  • Screw terminals for the drum pad connections (makes changing pads easier).
  • On-board Din-5 MIDI-out jack (Use the DKKAI, with your other MIDI equipment).
  • FTDI compatible 90° pin header (makes it easy to program or use our Serial to MIDI software on your computer).
  • DC 2.1mm power jack (power the Drum kit while “one the road”).
  • All the ATmega digital pins are brought out in two rows of connectors with standard 0.1” spacing. With, +5 volts and ground (make your own accessories, selector buttons etc …).
  • Four corner mounting holes (Build the Drum Kit into a project box and mount it).
  • On board voltage regulator.
  • Power selector jumper for USB (via optional FTDI cable) or DC power jack.

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