Every Roland Synthesizer Ever Made…..Almost

Music Radar has put together a fun feature on Roland synths – the Roland Synthesizer Chronicles – that they say has photos of every Roland synthesizer ever made, in “a massive, all-star gallery that covers every Roland synth from 1973 to 2010.”

Highlights include the Roland System 700 modular synthesizer, above; and the early Jupiter and Juno synths.

You can view it as a big jpg or view it interactively at the MusicRadar site.

Note to MusicRadar: You might want to consider including the Roland TB-303 Computer Controlled Bassline Synthesizer in the next edition.

Here’s an example of what they look like:

16 thoughts on “Every Roland Synthesizer Ever Made…..Almost

  1. Thanks to Roland's open-ended hardware/software system, VariOS 303 emulated the classic TB-303, without draining the host computer’s CPU.

    Man, it sounds just like the real vintage thang … (lol)

  2. Oh yeah, there it is……….

    Funny, you'd expect to see more.

    Its also interesting how they become more and more boring as you move across the page. Thats progress!

  3. When I first read the title of the article I thought it was going to be about the SH-201.

    It's like having every Roland ever made – at a tiny fraction of the price.

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