Curtis For The iPad – Granular Synthesizer Gets Update

Granular synthesizer

The Strange Agency has updated its granular synthesizer, Curtis For iPad, to version 2.0.

New in the update:

  • all new user interface
  • amplitude envelope
  • scratch mode
  • chromatic pitch quantize

Curtis For iPad is $4.99 in the App Store.

About Curtis For iPad

Granular synthesis works by combining many tiny grains of sound from an existing recording, creating new sounds with the texture of the original, now with endless temporal possibilities. Play the sound forward, backward, or even at a single point!

Unlike scratching a record, pitch doesn’t depend on how quickly you move through the recording. Try with spoken word, singing, synths. Mangle your recordings or create soft, gentle textures!

This release allows you to record audio with your iPad or add your own WAV files via iTunes. No more in-app server setup; just drag-and-drop!

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