Free Audio Effects VSTs For Windows

Free Music Software: PresetExchange has released a collection of free audio effects VSTs for Windows:

i’ve put the next versions of the effects up in the effects section.

featured in this update are three new effects: reverb, quantizer and limiter.

new features include new knob graphics, caching of bitmaps (allowing better, bigger bitmaps) and some optimization.

the code for the vu meters has been improved – it will now catch peak values more accurately and an rms mode is available – although rms mode is not yet configurable on the gui.

the phaser has been improved – tuning is improved as well as other small changes. it should sound more “stable” now.

the compressor has had a “gain reduction” meter added.

If you give PresetExchange’s free audio effects a try, leave a comment with your thoughts!

via bedroomproducers

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