Korg Electribe MX Gets VST Editor, DirectEMX

DirectSynth has introduced DirectEMX, a VST Editor for the Korg Electribe MX that lets you control all sound-shaping parameters of the EMX-1 in your DAW.


  • Full parameters control and automation from a VST host software (5 Synth parts and 9 drum parts).
  • Interface specially designed for the EMX.
  • Total recall: The whole state of the EMX is saved in the DAW project and can be loaded back.
  • System-Exclusive dumps: Get all the patterns of your EMX in the DirectEMX interface, then modify and reverse-engineer existing patches easily.

DirectEMX is available now for PC (VST) for 25 EUR. A demo version is also available.

5 thoughts on “Korg Electribe MX Gets VST Editor, DirectEMX

  1. Hi,

    DirectEMX is now available on MAC OSX in the VST format.
    It also includes better NRPN management for Ableton Live.

  2. i could use the esx-1 with this software? , could i save my original patterns on a midi format on my PC for use them later? TY ;)!!!

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