21 iPad Compatible MIDI Devices

iPad Camera Connector Kit

iPad Camera Connector Kit

With the release of iOS 4.2, there has been a surge of interest in using the Apple iPad with hardware MIDI controllers.

While Apple has not hyped MIDI in iOS 4.2, class-compliant USB MIDI devices are expected to work, if they are low-power or self-powered, when connected to using the iPad Camera Connection Kit.

Unfortunately, there’s no official Apple list of compatible devices and the company hasn’t said that much about MIDI support in iOS 4.2. Here’s a list of devices that are thought to be compatible, based on user reports.

iPad Compatible MIDI Devices

  1. Akai LPD8
  2. Akai LPK25
  3. Alesis Q49
  4. Behringer BCF2000
  5. Behringer BCR2000
  6. Behringer UMA25S
  7. Digitech GNX4 (audio & MIDI)
  8. E-MU Xmidi 2×2
  10. Elektron TM-1
  11. ESI Midimate II
  12. Korg K25
  13. Korg nanoKEY, nanoPAD & nanoControl
  14. Korg Triton TR Series
  15. M-Audio Axiom Pro 61
  16. M-Audio Prokeys Sono 61
  17. M-Audio Uno 1×1
  18. Novation Remote 25 LE
  19. Novation Remote SL-37
  20. Novation Xio 25 (audio & MIDI)
  21. Sonuus i2M Musicport

This list is via iOSMIDI, which focuses on this topic.

If you’ve got experience to share, using the iPad with USB MIDI controllers, leave a comment!

94 thoughts on “21 iPad Compatible MIDI Devices

  1. I am looking for a compatible 88 key controller to use with iPad GarageBand and Sunrizer Synth apps. Does anyone know if M Audios Keystation 88es works with them and is it a direct connect or is something like the MidiMobilizer needed.

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    • I have just tried my keystation pro 88 with garage band and its a no goer may have to get a powered hub although the k/s is poweredif anyone has any more info please let me know , stevo

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  2. In case anyone IS interested, the M Audio Keystation 86es works like a charm with GarageBand, Sunrizer Synth and Korg iMS-20. With the iPad camera connection, it is plug and play. AWESOME

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    • Do you use additional external power? My key station 61es was powered but not responding to iPad mini garage band

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  3. Hmmm interesting wonder what makes it compatible or not. I thought its almost always possible to us MIDI controllers to interface with the IPAD

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  4. Devices tested so far:
    Oxygen 49 1st gen – Working whit powered usb hub.
    Esi maya 44 usb – Not working
    Numark dj2go – Working
    JamMate RockFrog – Working
    Zomm G2.1U – Working (only audio in)
    M-Audio X-session (Evolution UC-17) – Working
    Denon HC4500 – Working (Midi Only)
    Alesis Multimix8 USB 2.0 – Not working

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  5. I’ve had success with the korg microstation direct to camera connection. Didn’t get XmStation working but will try again with powered hub after reading above comments. Thanks

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  6. Tried behringer umx250 with 9v supply (! +&- not as usual)
    Worked fine with iPad and Cam connection, but also midi-out behringer=midi-through and makes midi-out iPad availiable with midi cable

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  7. Novation X-Station 25 works fine unpowered directly into camera connection kit and both audio and midi work. It says not compatible when you plug it in but then it just works. Strange yet beautiful!

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  8. I made some tests with my iPad Mini & a Lightning Camera connect kit:

    – Akai SynthStation 25: No go, even on batteries, powered usb hub required.
    – Arturia 61 key Universal keyboard controller: No go, even with a AC adapter, powered usb hub required.
    – Korg Micro Key 37: No go, powered usb hub required.

    It’s a real pain in the @ss to find a good keyboard that can be plugged directly to the iPad without external power supplies/hub.

    I’m now waiting for the Novation LaunchKey or the Arturia MiniLab: those should work correctly with the iPad.
    There’s another possibility: the Samson Carbon is made to work with the iPad and is available & cheap, but I personally hate the look of it.

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  9. I just got a new M-Audio Keyrig 49 and it will not work with my iPad 3. What I want to know is: HOW do you use a powered USB hub to do this? There is no jack for an external power supply on this new Keyrig 49 – only USB, that small square USB jack (I don’t know what it’s called) — the other end of its cable is “regular” USB that plugs into the camera connection kit. Do I plug that USB instead into the powered hub and then run another USB cable from the hub to the camera connection kit and this will somehow connect the keyboard to the iPad? It’s not clear to me how this is going to work. Thanks.

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  10. How about for the Ipad 4th gen. Lots of the ones that used to work on 3rd 2nd and 1st gen are no longer supported such as my Roland A-88. Also even when I have my axiom 49 plugged into the wall it still says it takes too much power. Kinda irritated cuz I bought my ipad 4 specifically for this!


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  11. korg padkontrol works too complete with its midi i/o interface which is visible on the ipad in any list of available midi ports and can be used independently of the padkontrol’s own controls

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  12. It has the ability to record, sequence, and mix
    tracks. The lid tends to make a squeaking sound and the keys are quite noisy.
    Many digital pianos include different voices, such as whistles,
    guitar, and other non-piano voices, and some even come with alternate tunings, variable
    harmonics, and adjustable decay, or fading lengths.

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  13. You can add Akai MPK Mini to the list, it does work too with iPad. And does a great job using Akai app or Garageband with USB camera connection kit

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  14. - Please add M-Audio KeyRig 49 to the list. I have used it with garageband, SampleWiz and C3B3 (Hammond organ emulator)

    – Also Yamaha Motif XS works fine with iPad

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  15. Has anyone tried Behringer U-Control UMA25S interface for recording on the iPad?
    Cheers & thanks!

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