Sprak, A Noise-Drone Synth For iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Tinkerteam SprakTinkerteam has introduced Sprak (app store link)- a new noise a noise/drone synth for iOS, designed to make ‘phat and gritty ehhrm, noise and drones’.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

While we love the existing noise and drone apps available on the app store, none of them combined the two in that special way we had a craving for. So what did we crave?

  • Phase realign
  • Stereo
  • Gritty sound
  • Something you could take pleasure from exploring.
  • Being able to get new and interesting sounds
  • Distortion, two cup fulls!
  • Being able to feedback the sound back into itself, ahh yeah, nice!
  • Easy on the eye.
  • Borrow aesthetics from DIY pedals and Circuit bent “stuff”.

That’s about it, we like to connect a headphone and sit in a comfy chair and just play with the knobs and zone out.

Tinkerteam Sprak is available now for $.99. You can preview the output of Sprak below.

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