Fingerist iPhone Keytar Adapter Now Available

The Fingerist iPhone Keytar

The Fingerist – a ‘Guitar Body Simulator’ for iPhone and iPod Touch – is now available at Amazon.

The device is an unusual iPhone Keytar adapter thing that is designed to let you play your applications in a guitar-like way:

Phone/iPod touch can be a little small to play music on and may limit your finger movements, however The Fingerist will firmly hold iPhone/iPod touch for you and you will be able to concentrate on your performance. Since it has a built-in line-out for a guitar amplifier you just need to plug in the amplifier and adjust the volume to enjoy a live performance.

You can perform as a “Fingerist” in a band with other core guitarists. iPhone 3G/3GS and iPod touch 2nd/3rd firmly fit to The Fingerist with silicone case which is included in the package. The Fingerist can be used as an audio speaker when you simply want to play music louder.

The Fingerist has a built-in speaker that operates on 3 AA batteries, which the developer say is good for 6 hours of performance.

The Fingerist sells for $149.99.

This photo shows The Fingerist in its case.

2 thoughts on “Fingerist iPhone Keytar Adapter Now Available

  1. Just got one of these and it's surprisingly cool!

    The big thing for me is that it keeps your phone safe but makes it usable. The only way it would be cooler would be if they made it more of a midi controller, with knobs, etc…..

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