Yello – You Better Hide

This music video comes from a recent virtual concert by Yello  – a 45 min performance on a virtual stage. The track, You Better Hide, comes from their current album Touch Yello.

The guest singer is Heidi Happy.

via bitley

4 thoughts on “Yello – You Better Hide

  1. Exactly the sort of girl you expect to be approaching along a posh Geneva shopping street.
    I've read reviews of this album saying that it's 'just more of the same' but there's a new version of 'Bostich' which just goes to show how subtle are the improvements that one can make on the near perfect… yet they've done it. And that takes maturing brilliance, not complacency.

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  2. Absolutely delightful. I've listened to Yello since "Solid Pleasure" and like Gordon I think of this as a natural evolution for them – this shows the same musical sensibilities as their early work, but with smarter production and with more restraint. Love it.

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  3. I think that's Till Bronner (apologies for not being able to type the macron over the "o") on the flugelhorn. He's done some pretty good stuff himself – I got his track, "A Distant Episode" off iTunes a while back and was pretty impressed. His flugelhorn tone is practically a signature.

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