Free 18-Band Graphic Equalizer For Windows

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Free Music Software: Sir Elliot has released Eighteen Band Graphic Equaliser, a free equalizer effect plug-in for Windows.


  • 18 selectable frequency bands ranging from 20 cycles to 19,000 cycles.
  • Level Control.
  • A.C. Switch.
  • LED Power Indicator.
  • Adjustable Frequency Range: 20 – 19,000 kHz.
  • Frequency Bandwidth: 5 – 24,000 kHz +/- 2.4 dB.
  • Note: Frequency Bandwidth is based on 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 and, 384 kHz sample rates.
  • Optimised for high sample rates ranging from 88.1 kHz – 384 kHz, however will perform fine on lower sample rates such as 48 – 44.1 kHz.
  • Fixed Delay.
  • Power Consumption: 44.1 kHz: 5.9 % / 88.2 kHz: 12.3 % / 96 kHz: 15.0 % (based on a Pentium 4 single-core 2.8 GHZ computer using Windows XP (Non Service Pack) operating system).

Sir Elliot’s Eighteen Band Graphic Equaliser is available now as a free Windows VST.

    28 thoughts on “Free 18-Band Graphic Equalizer For Windows

    1. I tried this 18-band equalizer and found a big problem with it. I upped the highest two bands to introduce more air into the vocals but it ended up squashing and distorting the esses, so making it sound like I had a throat problem. I replaced it with something else and the problem was solved. consequently I’ve kicked this out of my plug-in collection.

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    2. you would have thought audio eq-ing was one of the simplest things a computer could be asked to do. why then is it imposible to find a program that does it? will i be doomed to listen to tinny youtube music on laptop speakers forever?

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    3. Where’s the program for download? All I saw on OneDrive was DLL’s files… Nothing executable…

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