The Synth That You’ll Never Have – Jomox SunSyn Mk2 Just Too Exotic

Saturday Synth Porn: The Jomox SunSyn Mk2 has just about everything going for it to make it desirable: it’s powerful, expensive and easy on the eyes.

Unfortunately, it’s a synth you can’t buy – Jomox has cancelled production of the SunSyn Mk2, because the parts are just too exotic.

They explain:

We are unable to continue production of the SunSyn Mk2 because of technical reasons.

It was a trial to revitalize this product after it’s 10 years history, but the problems of aquiring of some exotic parts on the main board are simply too high.

Too exotic……? Now we must have one!

Details on what you won’t be getting below.


  • Number of Voices 8 times full multitimbral
  • VCO’s 2 per voice; waveforms: saw, pulsewidth
  • RCO’s 2 per voice, playing back of samples and FM RCO1->2 possible
  • Filter 4 pole fully configurable, individual cutoff and HP/LP switching for each pole; analog morphing between two filter setups is possible. True two pole switching is possible
  • Envelopes 2 ADSR per voice, real analog RC-envelope (discrete circuitry)
  • LFO’s 2 per voice individually, waveforms triangle, sawtooth up/down, rectangle and random
  • Routing Elements 4 per voice. Analog modulation matrix with 4096 possible combinations per Routing Element
  • Presets 256 Single / 127 Multi
  • Display LCD 2×24 characters, LED 3×7 segment for parameter display
  • Soft controller 4 incremental encoders
  • Midi Midi In, Midi Out, Midi Thru
  • User Interface 40 knobs, 42 buttons, 85 LED’s
  • Outputs 8 individual outputs, 1 stereo mix out, 1 HP out
  • Output Level about +4dBu at all outputs
  • Inputs 2 external inputs, can be used for audio and CV
  • Supply 220/110 V line voltage selectable
  • Dimensions 19″ 6 RU
  • Weight about 8 kg, 17 lbs

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