Wireless iPad DJ Controller For Serato Scratch Live

MiDi-to is a new wireless DJ controller designed for Serato Scratch Live.

It is the first iPad MiDi controller designed for Serato that does not need any additional software to work. MiDi-to takes advantage of the new Core MIDI framework available with iOS 4.2 which minimizes setup and latency.

According to the developer, “MiDi-to’s ambition is to become the platform for combining Turntablist and Controllerist performance techniques, for the next step in DJing.”

MiDi-to is $4.99 in the App Store.

MiDi-to is a wireless DJ MiDi controller designed for Serato Scratch Live

MiDi-to’s features are divided into 3 practical views.


  • Trigger Cue points
  • Trigger Samples
  • Use your “Ultra Knob” FX and all the latest presets
  • Set manual loops
  • Set auto-loops on the fly
  • Reverse or “censor” the playing track
  • Change playback mode between Absolute, Relative and Internal quickly in emergencies (cleaning your needle for example)


  • Control your FX in “Super Knob Mode” for each deck.
  • In this view you can have up to 3 simultaneous FXs per deck.
  • All the latest Serato FX presets are included for quick and precise manipulation via ergonomic virtual faders.
  • Change the rhythm of the FX on the fly.


  • Navigate through your Crates and tracks directly from your iPad
  • Assign a song to the desired deck and play it!

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