New ADDAC Synthesizer Modules

ADDAC Modular Synthesizer modules

André Gonçalves has several ADDAC modular synthesizer modules available for ‘pre-order’:

ADDAC203 CV MAPPING (in Stock!)
2 independent channels with Attenuator & Offset controls

ADDAC501 Complex Random (now with clock gate input) **
Complex Random with Brownian function

ADDAC501B Expansion
with Variable Glide function + Normal and Inverted Gate Outputs

ADDAC502 Lissajous Curves *
2 independent XY Lissajous Curves with MIN/MAX & Speed Controls
4 independent Outputs with 10 possible average combinations, ex:
X2 + Y1 + Y2
X1 + X2 + Y1 + Y2 …

ADDAC502B Expansion
with Normal and Inverted Gate Outputs

ADDAC801 Simple Mixer
3 Channel Mixer

ADDAC802 CV Audio Mixer
with 5 VCA channels
and 1 VCA Mixdown Output

ADDAC900 Bus Board
2 Styles with IDC Boxed Headers or Pinout Header

ADDAC901 3U Frame
EuroRack 3U Poplar Frame

Details at his site.

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