5 thoughts on “Akai Synthstation 49 iPad Keyboard First Look

  1. "….any app that supports CoreMIDI will work."


    The problem with that is simple: Most apps still only RECEIVE MIDI. No send. No friggin clock sync. While some devs have at least added send and receive, the CLOCK support exists only in MOLTEN.

    Utter and total fail, lol.

  2. I used the Apple photo kit. I hooked my Axiom to the iPad with photo kit USB cord and I can trigger the Korg MS20 app, but the other synth apps will not work. Any thoughts?

  3. Make a 49key controller that adds IO…1/4 stereo in & out, midi i/o, XLR mic in, digtali coax or TRS, then get back to me. Maybe we’ll have to wait til iPad 3.

  4. it would be the perfect keyboard only if it would have the audio interface build in and batery power operating … 🙂 still nice though 🙂

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