19 thoughts on “Fairlight CMI iPad App First Look

  1. Add Peter Gabriel as an early adopter – pity the pricing is still high by Apps standards (but not by Fairlight CMI ones!) The 3D waveform is neat though.

  2. Love it! This is the thing every Fairlight nostolgia people, like me, are dreaming day and nights for….

    But how about the sound?. Are the timing rock solid as the original CMI? Are the Page R sequenser "tight" enought? The orginal CMI (and the new 30 model) are known for transpose artifacts, antialiasing filter on and of. etc. Thes are the most important aspects – Not to be abble to see waveforms in diffrent directions….

    If the "sound" emulate some of the artifacts i am prepered to pay over 100 dollars for this app. On the other hand, if the sound is like standard soft samplers, (Kontakt with Fairlight IIx library) this is nothing more than a glorified toy. I hope not beacause Fairlight is Fairlight beacuse of the organic sound. Let it be that way… Im prepered to pay for quality!!

  3. This better have full MIDI functionality. Though, basedo n the APPALLING state of MIDI for apps, I'm not going to hold my breath.

  4. Just listnening to Mike Oldfield´s Crises and Kate Buch´s "Running up that hill". There is really something special about the Fairlight sound. There are no "mulitisamples" in a Fairlight "voice". Its all about transposing one single sample. I still want to hear the if the ipad is nerby equal on this aspect.

    I dream, i hope and i can´t really wait for this "little" app to hit the app store.

  5. I dont think this Fairlight iOS app have any "acoustic quirks" at all as Vogel said in the Video. Its a shame because other brands ex KORG have invested in modeling the "sound" (to a relativity high point) in apps like ims20.

    The "function" but not the "sound approach" are not good for the Fairlight brand. Fairlight´s are supposed to sound like Fairlight´s.

    And Yes! A "deluxe" version that preserves the CMI series IIx "sound personlaity" are not gonna compete with the mighty Fairlight 30A (Series III library and high quality sound flavour, custom hardware, 24 hig quality AD and DA and all the expand options an dedicated open system as the Crystal Core design can give.)

  6. do not buy this app . no waveform drawing whats the point. i mean this is just a novelty you would have more fun shelling out fifty bucks for a used sk1 than the fifty bucks spent on this.
    i mean come on fairlight no waveform drawing. this app is misleading as you think you are getting a emualtion of the fairlight but what you are really getting is a extremely crude sample playback device with extremely limited editing of sounds. no synthesis to be found in this one avoid it .dont be a fool like i was thinking it would be as good as it looked its not.

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