Synse DJ + VJ App For The iPhone

Synse is a new visual music app for the iPhone, designed to let you sequence music and visual simultaneously.

It’s available in the App Store for $1.99.


Video Mode (Device in portrait or landscape with Home button on the left)

In this mode you control each instrument/track and their visuals with one touch. Each instrument has its own touch area. To show these areas, simply tap on the “Show Grid” area on the left or right corners at the bottom of the screen.

Sequencer Mode (Device in landscape with Home button on the right)

Arrange a whole song by tapping inside the sequencer grid and scroll through the arrangement by swiping left or right.

Sequencer buttons:

  • PLAY/PAUSE: Lets you play and pause the song.
  • STOP: Stops the song and the locator jumps back to the beginning of the arrangement.
  • LOOP: When activated, loops the current bar of the arrangement.
  • SETUP: Shows the setup screen, where you can
  • ?load a different set (music and visuals)
  • ?save and load arrangements
  • ?change the length of the song
  • ?turn off LiveTouch mode (disables touching in video mode)
  • ?activate Shake mode (toggle video and sequencer mode only by shaking the device)

Hint: Hold the STOP button with one finger and tap in the sequencer grid to move the locator.

Note: This Version includes three sets: PARIS, FLUID and LIFETIME. More sets are planned.

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