Win The Custom Made White Maschine From Native Instruments

Win a custom white MaschineNative Instruments has announced that they are giving away a custom white Maschine to fans of the Facebook page:

To celebrate winning the coveted Good Design Award,
we’re giving away this unique custom-made white Maschine.
Become a fan of this page (click “Like”) to automatically take part in the raffle.

White Maschine Contest Terms & Conditions:

  • This prize draw is organized entirely by Native Instruments and is in no way associated with Facebook. Facebook is not sponsoring or supporting this promotion. Recipient for all information provided by participants is Native instruments, not Facebook.
  • Participants must be 18 years of age. Employees of Native Instruments and residents of India, Sweden, Norway and Belgium are not eligible to participate.
  • Contact data supplied by participants will be used exclusively for notifying winners. Native Instruments will not retain this data for later use.
  • The prize is not redeemable for a cash equivalent.
  • Entries must be received by midnight on January 31st, 2011.
  • Any recourse to courts of law in contesting the results of the draw is prohibited.
  • These terms and conditions are subject to German law.

8 thoughts on “Win The Custom Made White Maschine From Native Instruments

  1. Excluding countries like Sweden (Abba?), Norway and Belgium looks pretty stupid to me. Hard to take the 'competition' serious after having read that… And it immediately brings up another question: its nice that people can win a controller, but without the software its pretty much useless… (I know it has midi mode and as such can be used as a (fully customizable) midi controller). And it doesn't say anything about that being included as well…

    IMO this is simply another "serious" company which deems it necessary to gross in on some "friends" which quantity they might use as an indicator for their popularity. The Propellerheads started off, now NI; who's going to be next?

    I sure hope Ableton won't bother with sillyness like this.

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