The Epoc Neural Interface (Brain Music)

Epoc Neural Interface for Brain Music

Saturday Synth Porn: This year’s NAMM Show announcements too conservative for you? Here’s something really futuristic – the Epoc Neural Interface.

The photo, via Tanais Fox, who’s got some brain music in mind, captures the Epoc Neural Interface in position:

The neural interface for sonifying my brainwaves is here, care of friends who brought it over to the UK. This way I was able to get the standard version (not sold abroad) and avoid the expensive developer licence (seeing as its now been hacked and Apps like MindYourOSC’s) are all I need.

Failing that I want to make a robot arm wired up to a 1971 Gibson Les Paul and shred classic metal licks to my brain’s content. When I’ve done that, discard my body and just put my disembodied brain in a jar attached to a Les Paul and maybe a Moog Voyager…

The Epoc Neural Interface is described as a “personal interface for human computer interaction” and retails for $299.

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