Waldorf Zarenbourg Modeled Piano

2011 NAMM Show: Waldorf was showing the Zarenbourg Modeled Piano:

The Zarenbourg (*not* the name of a Jmes Bond villain, by the way) modeled piano offers seven different piano sounds, from electric/tine to acoustic grand. It also includes a built-in sound system.

The Waldorf Zarenbourg is expected to be available in February for about $4,000.

The Zarenbourg has been on the way for a long time now. Here’s the Waldorf Zarenbourg at the 2007 NAMM Show:

via HarmonyCentral:

2 thoughts on “Waldorf Zarenbourg Modeled Piano

  1. Really? Because for $2K less you can have a Korg SV-1. This doesn't make any sense to me, but perhaps someone else can explain. What $2K feature am I missing?

  2. I really hate these piano or instrument demos and all they have is a talking head reading a list of features. Can't they find anybody who can play the friggin thing? And even if you can only hunt & peck, how about at least going through a few of the patches?

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