Karma 3.0 Overview

This video, from the 2011 NAMM Show, captures developer Stephen Kay demonstrating Karma 3.0,

KARMA Motif debuts the new KARMA 3.0 technology with a host of new features, including eight-track design (six KARMA Modules and two Keyboard Layers) per Performance, per-track Volume and Mute stored in each of the 32 Scenes and the ability to individually adjust the mix of all parts in each Scene.

“This exciting new collaboration brings the power of KARMA to a completely new user base using the great sounds and features of the Yamaha Motif series,” said Kay.

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6 thoughts on “Karma 3.0 Overview

  1. OK! OK! Karma has them all and Motif with Karma too. So what?
    Sometimes, with all these automations, I believe that synthesizers want to be a home keyboard. From the other side home keyboards with all these synth features want to be synthesizers.
    All the romplers want to be a physical instrument, and all the VA synths want to be analog synths.
    Isn't it a joke?

  2. These are instruments for the wedding singers, church players and rural cover bands. That's the big market, that's where the money flows. these are not for the synth lover, or the electronic musician.

  3. Yeah, I have to ask what the point is of bringing features one would expect on an arranger keyboard, to a full-spec sampling/synth workstation.

  4. I actually still use the Korg Karma and find the sounds from it are far better than any software synth or some of my other hardware synths. The Karma technology is very useful and if you can come down to earth and just treat it as another tool in your arsenal of sound generation / creation; you can find it as a very valuable resource. Once you get your head around the KARMA stuff… The keyboard comes alive and inspires all to make some awesome music that you would have never dreamed you could do! I applaud Mr. Stephen Kay for making this new technology.

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