Maschine 1.6 Now Available In Public Beta

Native Instruments’s Maschine 1.6 is now available in public beta, available to registered Maschine owners. Above, SoundsAndGear takes an informal look at new features in the beta.

Here’s what’s new in Maschine 1.6:

  • Plugin hosting for VST/AU instruments and effects
  • Increased number of effect slots (3 per Sound, 4 per Group, 4 on Master)
  • New “Pad Link” function with 8 pad groups and Master/Slave option
  • Individual swing setting per sound
  • Clip naming
  • Sample renaming
  • Improved scene duplication
  • External audio input/output increased to 16 stereo channels
  • Improved Drag&Drop mapping for samples
  • Improved Drag&Drop from OS for Maschine files and audio files
  • Drag&Drop rearrangement of scenes and patterns
  • Snap-to-grid when moving events via mouse
  • VST plugin operation under Mac OS X 64bit
  • Rex import under Mac OS X 64bit

6 thoughts on “Maschine 1.6 Now Available In Public Beta

  1. Please God let us be able to mute a send. Other than that. Pad link is amazing as is swing for each sound. Loving the improved outputs as well. NI brings the house down.

  2. hopefully it makes the sampling, sample import, and saving better… im still using an mpc to chop and import kits because of this… i feel like i just wasted my money on a midi controller and a few drum kits…

  3. Read the manual. I am not trying to sound like a dick or anything.
    i do not see how you could prefer the chunky MPC OS..
    I sold my MPC a month after I got Maschine.

  4. k this is the low down on 1.6. say you have a softsynth like Sylenth1 for example. You cannot browse the hundreds of presets from the maschine hardware without making all the presets into "modules" first. ONE BY ONE! What a waist of time. Just like the useless tagging system.

  5. another limitation in 1.6. you cannot load a plugin and send it to a midi out. i was trying to load sugar bytes thesys to control external continuous controllers being that maschine does not record them. and found out the hard way that the modules cannot send midi out. here is what NI says about it

    "The limitation of not having a midi out built in to the soundslot as a native module, much like groove and audio output is part of the soundslot – prevents plugins from sending out midi since the sequencing plugin will occupy the first slot making it impossible to plug in the midi out module on slot 2 relaying midi to either virtual or physical midi port.

    However simple it may sound, this implies a larger rework of the whole module structure. We are aware of this, as well as the potential of sending virtual midi channels to plugins which a new midi out module would make possible."

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