Vestax VCI-300MkII DJ Controller

Vestax VCI 100mkII dj controller

2011 NAMM Show: Vestax has introduced the VCI-300MkII, an updated dj controller, featuring improved platter sensitivity control, aux input to master direct thru connections and higher output master and headphone gain levels.

Vestax’s platter technology has been enhanced with new adjustable Touch Sensor knobs that allow quick and accurate control over platter touch sensitivity. Multiple sensors allow the two platters to simultaneously serve as push-pull cue and scratch control as well as up and down pitch manipulation.

The VCI-300MKII includes Serato’s ITCH DJ Software and can be powered through USB or by using the Vestax SDC-7 power supply, sold separately. When connected to the power supply, the controller offers higher master and headphone gain levels, ideal for noisy club environments.

The VCI-300MkII gives DJs the ability to customize their controllers with Vestax’s Ninja-culture influenced Shuriken jog wheel replacements and the brand new CF-X2 high performance cross fader option. Shuriken jog wheel replacements come in metal “Flame” and spoke and wheel “Bike” designs and can easily be swapped out for the original jog wheels. A non-contact digital magnetic cross fader, the CF-X2 provides fast, smooth fader action.

A direct audio thru feature allows audio to be sent directly to the master outputs from the mic/aux input facilitating DJ changeover music. The VCI-300MkII also offers a 1/8 inch mini headphone jack along with the standard ¼ inch jack.

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