Blue Man Group Challenges Kids To Invent An Instrument, Win $5,000

The Blue Man Group is having a contest for kids in grades 5-9 to invent a new instrument.

It’s a cool opportunity. Kids get to:

  • design a cool instrument;
  • have it judged by the likes of Pat Metheny, Ludacris, Steve Van Zandt and Nile Rodgers; and
  • have a chance to win up to $5,000.

For inspiration, Blue Man Group asked sound designer and instrument designer Diego Stocco, above, for some words of encouragement for participants.

If someone you know is in grade 5-9, let them know about this contest!

5 thoughts on “Blue Man Group Challenges Kids To Invent An Instrument, Win $5,000

  1. Sounds cool indeed, and well; being fan of the Blue Man Group (went to their performance twice in Berlin) I think this sounds promising too.

    otoh; I wonder if 5 – 9 year old kids wouldn't get startled or perhaps intimidated by their sometimes rather odd appearance(s) 😉

  2. This is a very neat contest for kids. I'm interested in seeing what types of things they come up with.

    @synthfan: Grades 5-9, at least in the US, represent an age range of about 9-15.

  3. In my experience, young children find the BMG much less startling than do some adults. (If you get the opportunity to see them perform, grab it, and take your kids.)

    This is a great competition, irrespective of the major distraction of a big cash prize.

  4. Great idea, too bad the contest is restricted to US only. I have a 10 year old who would love to do this. Living north of the border puts it out of reach though.

  5. What? The Blue Man Group embraces Not Invented Here syndrome? That's the last time I have anything to do with those narrow-minded blue weirdos.

    Put up a $5 prize and get your son to invent an instrument anyway. Host your own musical instrument Invent-a-thon with his school class.

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