Studiologic Numa Organ Joey DeFrancesco Model Now Available

2011 Winter NAMM Show: Studiologic announced that it’s now shipping the Numa Organ Joey DeFrancesco Model, an integrated organ and keyboard controller. The Numa Organ offers a physical model of the classic electro-mechanical organ, complete with rotary and scanner emulation.

Above, Joey DeFrancesco jams on the new Numa Organ.


  • FATAR TP / 8 O – Waterfall action keyboard
  • 73 Keys with reversed octave
  • 2 Velocity curve (fixed Velocity, dynamic)
  • Physical model of electromechanical organ
  • Rotary and Scanner emulation
  • 91 Tones
  • 12 Presets on the first reversed octave
  • Upper, Lower, and Pedalboard sounds
  • Percussion sounds
  • 9 x 2 Upper / Lower Drawbars, 2 Pedals Drawbar
  • Split function with Lower to left or Pedal to left
  • Transpose
  • Pitch bender wheel
  • Modulation wheel
  • Preset selection button
  • Vibrato / Chorus and other effects
  • MIDI I/O and Thru

The Numa Organ Joey DeFrancesco Model

The Numa Organ was developed in conjunction with Joey DeFrancesco. 9 classic drawbars control upper, lower, and pedalboard sounds.

Features include 12 presets on the first reversed octave, keyboard split with lower or pedal to the left, chorus and vibrato on upper and lower, rotary with on-off-brake and slow-fast (with mod wheel), transpose, and a complete percussion section with soft/normal, slow/fast, and 2nd/3rd options.

An Effects section offers variable Reverb, Drive, Keyclick, and Leakage levels, and an on-board Equalizer provides the final tailoring of the organ’s magnificent tone. Velocity action can be switched between normal organ or Fatar Dynamic Touch modes. USB and MIDI in, out, and through connections open the Numa Organ up as a master keyboard controller for standalone and plug-in software instruments.

Despite the rugged metal housing and real wood side walls, the Numa Organ at 22lbs. is lightweight, portable, and gig ready.

10 thoughts on “Studiologic Numa Organ Joey DeFrancesco Model Now Available

  1. I’m 15, and went with my family to Jazz Alley, where they surprised me with a concert of David Sanborne. Joey is the best jazz organist that I’ve heard, and he really rocks the Numa organ from Youtube videos I’ve heard. I am blind, so I can’t see his fingers on the waterfall keyboard, but I don’t need to. I play organ myself, and he is my main inspiration that is still alive today, because Jimmy Smith is my second inspiration to play jazz organ.

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