The Hartmann Neuron Synthesizer – The Sexiest Synth Ever?

Is this the sexiest synth ever?

You be the judge! This video, from 2004, is the official introduction to the Hartmann Neuron Synthesizer, a rare beast that uses sampling resynthesis:

Axel Hartmann has designed many beautiful synths, but his Neuron is especially notable, for its gorgeous design, unique sound and rarity.

Audio demos for the Hartmann Neuron Synthesizer below:

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13 thoughts on “The Hartmann Neuron Synthesizer – The Sexiest Synth Ever?

  1. Watching this I wonder why the Neuron wasn't bigger. They have (or at least used to have) one in the small electronic music studio at my school. Seemed like it was their "deset island" synthesizer.

  2. FYI – Axel Hartmann now designs for Waldorf.

    Blofeld credts:
    Software: Stefan Stenzel, Wolfram Franke
    Hardware/ Housing: Frank Schneider
    Design: Axel Hartmann

    Largo Credits:
    Software: Wolfram Franke, Stefan Stenzel
    Design: Axel Hartmann

  3. This is one of only a handful of synths I'm really tempted to spend money on recently. It's such a shame they're no longer manufactured.

  4. Probably among other things, Hartmann designed the new StudioLogic Sledge synthesizer case and controls. Waldorf provides the brains. Not sure if it’s trying to sound like a Blofeld or a Q or a Microwave or something in between but it sounds good.

    The video Neuron Synthesizer Intro Axel Hartmann can be viewed at so there is no need to panic at the static in the panel at the top.

  5. From the little I’ve been able to read, the number of Neurons that left the factory may be as low as 200. Live ones remaining in the wild could be considerably lower. Of Nukes, I have not been able to find any reliable estimate, although I have seen four or five for sale in recent months on eBay.

  6. A studio I was working at back in 2006 had one. I took it home for a week. It did look great but it was VERY flat sounding. Thin. Hyper digital? Not sure how to describe it. But I did not like the sound at all.
    It was a just a linux PC in a pretty box and It was SO hard to use.
    It was odd.
    I think the studio sold it just last year.
    I was pretty tho…!

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