34 thoughts on “Caption This! The Keytar ‘Chick Magnet’ Edition

  1. If Neil Diamond and Lynyrd Skynyrd had settled their differences, the world may have seen a very different progression in southern rock.

  2. The ladies didnt think much of the keytar but the mustach sent them into thralsl of ecstasy and slightly bloated there stomachs

  3. New therapy for mothers in their 2nd to 3rd trimester where a the synergistic effects of synth with guitar ergonomics encourage a breeched baby to turn.

  4. "i don't know if its his curly hair, the mustache, the pit stained biker shirt tucked into his thrift store denim, or his sexy guitar-piano,.. but he seems like the perfect man!!"

  5. At the peak of his solo, Randy jerked his keytar upward, clocking a dancer in the chin and sending his foot sliding backwards. I guess that broken hip means someone else will be driving the camero home tonight.

  6. Ronnie’s “Safety Dance” solo was the stuff of legends. Later in life, he regaled the tale of the night he slayed the pregnant cougars with his mighty AX.

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