Snyderphonics MantaMate Teaser

SnyderphonicsSnyderphonics – the company behind the ultra-sexy Manta controller – is working on a new multi-purpose device, the MantaMate.

Here’s what Snyderphonics’ Jeff Snyder has to say about the MantaMate:

I am working hard on the MantaMate, a device that will allow Manta users to perform without a computer, and to directly control analog synthesizers.

It will also be a powerful general-purpose converter between USB devices, MIDI devices, OSC over ethernet, and control voltage (supporting several voltage standards from Eurorack to Buchla to Moog to Serge to Korg).

It even has a built-in digital synthesizer, so that it’s possible to perform with only the Manta and a MantaMate.

There’s no set release date, but it sounds like something worth watching for.

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