Konkreet Performer Now Available – But Is Your Mind Ready For It?

Konkreet Performer – a $24.99 music control and performance instrument for the iPad – is now available in the App Store.

You can use Konkreet Performer’s multi-touch interface to play your Synth, operate your DAW, or anything that receives OSC or MIDI. But Konkreet Performer avoids standard music interface conventions, which may encourage new ways of interacting with your music hardware and software.

Here’s what Konkreet Labs has to say about Konkreet Performer:

Konkreet Performer is designed with two aims: one, a controller that utilises multitouch technology to the full; no faders and knobs, instead an intuitive control of software instruments on your computer, via manipulation of abstract objects on your multitouch device.

And two, an instrument for electronic music performance that aims to be visually shared with the audience, to create a live show that is indeed alive!

PERFORMER is a controller. It does not generate sound by itself.

We’ve criticized some apps for being too conservative in the past. For looking backwards, instead of forwards.

That criticism doesn’t apply to Konkreet Performer – which just might blow a few minds.

If you try out Konkreet Performer, we’d like to know what you think of it and how you use it. Mind-blowing videos welcome, too!

11 thoughts on “Konkreet Performer Now Available – But Is Your Mind Ready For It?

  1. It looks like something so sweet and nice and free and stylish and… But 25$… I think 15$ would be a better price for the app. Or i'd like a midi over camera connection kit supported natively. Not just OSC

  2. i think 25 is a fine price for this. a lot of time has been spent designing this app so not only is it musically functional, but it is stunningly beautiful. i do love me some OSC too!

  3. I think it's fair to compensate developers for their work and $25 is not a lot if an app is useful.

    My problem with this is that it's really hard to see how this will work. I like that it's out there, but I want to see some practical uses for it before dropping $25!

  4. why am i not very excited? if this came out early last year my reaction would be different. i also dont get why they use a new app/device to make the same old techno. my grandma already bought it!

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