New Toy Turns Your Body Into A Musical Instrument

Takara Tomy has introduced the Ningen Gakki, a new toy which ‘turns the human body into a musical instrument’.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Up to four people can play together, by holding the silver parts. When the players touch each other’s skin, sounds are created.

The way this works is: When any two of the four electrodes touch, it creates a sound. The current is conducted through the players’ bodies.

The console determines where the four electrodes are in contact, and creates a different tone depending on the position.

A different tone for each position! Try them all!

Ningen Gakki is expected to be available in June 2011 for 3,200 yen (about US $40).

8 thoughts on “New Toy Turns Your Body Into A Musical Instrument

  1. I think its going to get bored really soon. After all; there is very little diversity here, and in most cases you're basically tapping while the machine goes over its sequence of notes.

  2. a little vodka and this music toy will easily get me access to beautiful women everywhere. i can feel my evil world domination laugh coming on! I wonder what sound will be activated when she reaches for the joystick….muahhhhh!

    as for the video…2 girls touching each other should be a lot more interesting than these 2 let on. kinda of a let down that they look so bored ;-(

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