Reason Synth School: Malström Graintable Synthesis

Propellerhead guru James Bernard continues his series of 52 Reason & Record tips with this video overview of Malström graintable synthesis.

via PropellerheadSW:

If you think of last three weeks of Synth School as primary school, then this week we’re graduating up to Middle School. Don’t worry, though… there’s no detention or pop quizes. This week we’ll move onto the Malström Graintable Synthesizer which was introduced in Reason version 2.0.

I think you’ll be surprised with how comfortable you are switching to a new synth. You’ll be applying a lot of what you’ve learned already, like ADSR envelopes, oscillator pitch controls, etc. You’ll also be seeing new controls and knobs that come with the graintable synthesis territory, like Shift and Motion.

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