Glitchmania – iZotope Stutter Edit Presets

Simon Stockhausen has introduced Glitchmania, a collection of presets for the iZotope/BT collaboration Stutter Edit.

Glitchmania offers 15 thematic snapshot-sets, with +40 (3-4 octaves) snapshots each ranging from temposynced madness for glitching up loops and beats to electronic textures for processing instruments, vocals and synths.

Here’s what Stockhausen has to say about Glitchmania:

Of course you can use any of the sets for any kind of Audio material, I just had a certain audio material in mind when programming this Bank and only used this kind of audio input while programming the sets, so I don‘t know yet what e.g. the Voice Glitcher-Set will do to drums as I haven‘t tried it yet and only used voices and vocals during the creation. Depending on the Audio material sent into SE, random clicks can occur, I tried to eliminate those as much as possible. All Snaps are programmed 100% wet, using a Bus to sidechain the Audio into the Plug-In.

Glitchmania for Stutter Edit is available now for 15.95 EUR. You can preview the effects of Glitchmania with the examples embedded above.

via rekkerd

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