10 thoughts on “Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells Live

  1. Whenever I listen to Mike Oldfield I'm struck by his unusual lead guitar technique and intonation. It's like he's trying to play in a slightly different tuning than what his instrument is actually tuned in. I find it very hard to listen to, even if I like the piece he's playing.

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  2. [youtube oq7luvKN2zw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oq7luvKN2zw youtube]

    I have always been a synth guy and never one for the progressive rock whining guitar sound but I have always loved Mike Oldfield! Dunno why… So much so I covered a song for my first album and have plans to do a tribute album including a synth remake of Tubular Bells. I would love to take on Amarok as that is my all time favorite but why remake perfection?

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  3. Very nice cover!

    WIth Oldfield, the orchestations and complexities seem to grow out of the music, instead of feeling like it's going into 15/8 for no reason at all.

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  4. Many people do not know the whole album Tubular Bells, just for starters that is used in the movie The Exorcist. The whole album is excellent.

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