MIDI-Controlled 8-Bit Digital Synthesizer & Lo-Fi Sampler – The deMIDulator

Derek Enos’ deMIDulator is an interesting DIY MIDI-controlled 8-bit digital synthesizer & lo-fi audio sampler. The video demonstrates the deMIDulator’s synth and sample capabilities.


  • Simple interface
  • Sine, Square and audio Sample playback waveforms
  • Audio input switchable between on-board Mic and headset jack
  • Up to 4 seconds of recorded audio @ 8bit x 3.937kHz
  • Switchable mono / 4-note polyphony for all waveforms
  • Pitch Wheel (glitch) support
  • Sustain support
  • Program Change support for switching waveform modes
  • All MIDI notes implemented
  • Volume and Output Filter Cutoff controls
  • Powerful 150mW headphone amplifier can drive headphones or external speaker
  • 4-conductor audio jack for use with iPhone compatible headsets (earbuds w/mic)
  • Powered by 3 x AAA batteries, DC power jack or ICSP header
  • Final firmware written completely in Assembly
  • ICSP header for reprogramming PIC
  • PCB includes unpopulated MIDI output jack for fun

See the derekenos site for details.

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