Pete Townshend’s Synth Jam – Initial Machine Experiments

Pete Townshend’s Initial Machine Experiments – a vintage synth jam from his 1983 album, Scoop.

Here’s what Townshend had to say about his Yamaha CS-80 improvisation:

This peace was played on my Yamaha CS80 synthesiser to test a TEAC half inch eight track machine. This is very much indicative of the kind meandering I get into when locked away with a synthesizer.

Someone once said that when you play around with a synthesizer you end up suffering from a disease called ‘synthesiseritis’.

I suffer happily.

While Townshend is best know for his guitar work, The Who discography has lots of examples of interesting synth work, too. See our post on Pete Townshend’s Synth Secrets for some video of him explaining how he created some classic sounds.

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  1. Seriously though – what I find interesting is that Pete had both the E-70 and the CS-80 at the same time. I think that blows me away. Hope he still has both! Is there an overall keyboard list for Mr. Townshend anywhere? Cool stuff.

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