Vangelis – Eureka (Live at Rotterdam, 1991)

Vangelis – Eureka (Live at Rotterdam, 1991)

This comes from a rare DVD from the Eureka concert, performed by Vangelis at the docks in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 18th July 1991.

A floating stage was made for Vangelis with his synths and the choir, surrounded by Greek ornaments. Buildings and boats around were animated by projections of colors and lasera animation.

Unfortunately, this appears to be a “finger-sync” style performance. The way the video is edited, too, there frequently seems to be no connection between what Vangelis is doing and the music.

Track List:

1. Chariots Of Fire

2. Spiral

3. Other Side Of Antartica

4. Chung Kuo

5. Glorianna

6. Pulstar

7. Mask (Movement II)

8. Italian Song

9. Kinematic

10. Mask (Movement V)

11. Hymne

6 thoughts on “Vangelis – Eureka (Live at Rotterdam, 1991)

  1. I was there. But I remember I thought it sucked 'cause I've rather seen Jean Michel Jarre in Rotterdam at that time. I still think it sucks now 'cause Jarre is the king of finger-sync!

  2. Hey, half of the musical toys we gabble on about these days are damned near finger-sync. Changing drum patterns by punching buttons seems a little pale to me when compared to someone who has worked for years to become really adept at one or two instruments. Not to be a Luddite, since I love my synths, but let's keep sight of how uneven "live" music can be when it (seemingly) comes from a huge pile of shiny excess. That gear can CUTCHOO, main! I understand using the tech to make a big splash, but play me one piece where its all in real-time and I'll ride with anything else you want to do. Show me the chops, nom nom nom!

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